Reclaim Equipment & Services


The Rainmaker Water Reclamation System recovers car wash waste water and provides clean, odor-free water with minimal operating expenses. The system is designed to reduce water bills by 60% or more.

Reclaim-Ready Prep Station

REC's Reclaim-Ready Prep Station combines superb high pressure prep performance with the ability to use recovered water. Completely self-contained, it is designed both for new installations and as a drop-in replacement at existing sites.

Reclaim-Ready Pumping Plant

REC's Reclaim-Ready Pumping Plant offers powerful, reliable performance under the most extreme conditions. This workhorse, with its 15 horsepower pump, will deliver up to 21 gallons per minute.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our Reverse Osmosis Systems are the among the best in the industry for producing high-quality spot-free rinse water. These systems produce cleaner looking cars, happier customers, and a better overall carwash experience. You won't find a better system for the money.