Water Recycling Facts

Make a difference in your fresh water consumption!

While there are many different methods to treat discharge water, Reclaim Equipment Company believes there is only one way to do it consistently, effectively and in a quantity sufficient to make a difference in your fresh water consumption.

Our method simply re-circulates your water through an ozone injector (destroying odor causing bacteria and micro-organisms) and then through a series of settling tanks until a request for water is received by the system. Your water is then forced through a filtration unit prior to going out to the equipment that sent the request. This method ensures your water is continuously undergoing treatment for odor and particulates until a call for water comes in. Filtration is the final stage, basically just to polish your water immediately before use. Treatment begins again immediately after the call for water is over.

Some people may tell you that ozone and filtration is an old-fashioned way to treat water, however no other method of recovery can deliver the same quantity and quality of recovered water. After many years in the car care industry using and maintaining water recycling systems from some of the leading manufacturers in this industry, we decided there had to be a better way to do it, and the very first thing we did was make it safe to use. Now Reclaim Equipment Company has applied our experience and passion for the car care industry into developing a water recycling system that not only works better, but one that’s safer, cleaner and easier to maintain than any other.

What does all this mean? It simply means that routine maintenance is safely and easily performed in minutes by your staff with no down time. That’s what makes our Rainmaker 125 the very best water recycling system in the business.