Why Reclaim

Reclaim Equipment Company believes that water reclamation is the future of the automotive wash industry. We’ve spent years designing and building car wash water recovery systems that deliver both proven cost savings AND high quality recycled water.

Why use a water reclamation system? Consider these factors ...

  • In many states, particularly the arid southwest, water reclamation is mandatory for new car wash sites. This trend is spreading to other parts of the country as increasing numbers of state and municipal governments require car washes to recover their water to ease the strain on the public water systems.
  • In states where water is abundant, like Minnesota, waste water discharge is a more pressing issue. Many new car wash sites pay WAC/SAC (water and sewer access charges) in the tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. These access fees are special, one-time fees that are charged simply for the privilege of connecting to the municipal water and sewer systems.  WAC/SAC fees can usually be dramatically reduced if the wash is designed with a water reclamation system.  In many cases, the savings realized in discounted WAC/SAC far outweigh the cost of the reclaim system.
  • Over time, the cost savings on your water bill alone will outweigh the cost of a water reclamation system.
  • A water reclamation system can be used to supplement the water supply at sites with poor water pressure.
  • With proper management, a comprehensive water recovery program results in NO negative impact on the quality of the wash, produces no unpleasant odor, and provides enough recycled water to reduce fresh water consumption by 40% - 90%.

The bottom line?  Can you afford NOT to look at water recycling?